Online Bookings Help

Welcome to the Online Bookings help centre. For help with a particular section, select an option from the list below:


This is the entry page to Online Bookings which offers QuickBook, Upcoming Bookings, Make a Booking and the option to pay unpaid sales, if appropriate.

  • QuickBook - allows you to book classes you have previously taken.
  • Search - gives you the option to look for classes running today, tomorrow or 7 days ahead.
  • Advanced Search - is used to look for classes that are running on days other than today, tomorrow or in 7 days' time i.e. a class running in 5 days' time.
  • Upcoming Bookings - will display all the classes you are booked on.
When you have found your class simply click on it to book. After you have confirmed your booking you will receive a confirmation email.

Making a Booking

Choose the activity type that includes the one you wish to book. The activities are displayed in alphabetic order and the description indicates the classes included.

Select Activity

Select the activity you wish to book from the list displayed.
  • When you have chosen an activity, you will be directed to the class booking screen, which displays the available slots.
  • This next section is made up of two or more pages. On the first page, select the day and approximate time for the booking.
  • The second page displays the class and the number of available spaces. If you are happy to proceed click 'Book', which takes you to the 'Complete your Booking' page.
  • The 'Complete Your Booking' page displays the details of your booking and the price. If you want to go back and select a different date and time, click on the cancel button. If not click 'Book' to confirm your booking.
  • If your class requires payment at this time, you will be taken to a page giving you the option to pay for your booking, or to add an additional booking. There is a 20 minute time limit requiring you to pay before your booking is cancelled.
  • Click the button relevant to your booking: either 'Book', 'Add Addtional Booking' or 'Book and Checkout', the latter will take you to your basket.
  • Basket

    Click the 'Basket' button to take you to the 'Unpaid Sales' page. Here are displayed all your unpaid sales under the headings of 'My Items', 'Linked Membership', 'Bookings' and 'Other Sales'. Select the sales that you wish to pay and click 'Pay', followed by 'Pay Now' to go to the 'Payment' page and add your Debit/Credit card details.


    All payments are managed by WorldPay via a secure connection. Your payment card information is safe and secure. When making a payment all fields that are asterisked must be completed. Click the appropriate button to process the payment. You will be provided with an email confirmation of your booking for your records.

    Manage Bookings

    The My Bookings page displays a list of your confirmed and unconfirmed bookings in two tables.
    • The cancellation button will be greyed out, so should you wish to cancel a class you will still be required to call the Club. There is a minimum cancellation period of 60 minutes prior to the start of the class. If you cancel with less than the required 60 minutes period, you will be charged a Late Cancellation fee, as we currently do.


    The Search function allows you to search for any activity by name. Type a few letters of an activity in the Search box and as you type the appropriate activities will be displayed. Hit Enter on your keyboard, or click the Search icon to display the list. Select an activity to start the booking process.

    Advanced Search

  • What's on at: This will be defaulted to Charterhouse Club.
  • Select activity: select an activity group first, to reduce the list of classes to chose from.
  • Change the date and time fields as appropriate for your selection.
  • Click any days that you want to exclude from the date range.
  • Click the ‘Search’ button.
  • This will display the list of activities to proceed with the booking process, or if there is only one activity this will take you to the second page to make your booking.

    My Details

    This area allows you to add or change your personal details. Click ‘My Details’ and you will be able to modify your contact details. Click ‘Change Pin’ to change your login authentication. Click ‘Save’ when you have made the changes to any screen.